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The State of Democracy in Cameroon 50 Years After Independence


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American University, Washington DC, USA

Saturday, March 6, 2010



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PICAM is organizing the “International Conference on the State of Democracy in Cameroon 50 Years After Independence” to bring together Cameroonians and supporters of democracy in Cameroon to participate in evaluating, discussing, planning, and re-engaging in the democratization process in Cameroon. The Republic of Cameroon composed of the former British and French Cameroons gained independence on January 1, 1960 and October 1, 1961 for East and West Cameroons respectively. This conference will therefore mark the golden anniversary (50 years) of the independence of Cameroon.


Fifty years after independence, Cameroonians have seen only minimal changes to their standard of living. Real democratic engagement remains farfetched; professional development is reserved for the well connected; and basic human rights seems to be non-existence. The conference is an important and necessary step to address the gaping lack of democracy and human rights within both the political and civil structures in Cameroon. This Conference is also very important considering the defining situation of the country, specifically the highly anticipated upcoming Presidential election in 2011.


This conference will be the first 'State of Democracy' conference on Cameroon ever and will bring together various stakeholders in a very necessary forum to engage in frank and open discussion on the situation of democracy and human rights in Cameroon. The main goal of this conference is to critically evaluate the democratization process in Cameroon and reinvigorate national and international debate on Cameroon’s democratization efforts by examining the best strategies to promote and move the democratization process forward. Peculiar attention will be paid to political dynamics specific to Cameroon and regional and cultural context affecting the implementation of democratic principles.



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